Wednesday, December 26, 2012


first off i want to say "i can do it" i can keep up with my project life for a whole year and not miss anything important in my life. 2013 will be the year i continue my scrap-booking and documentation so i can look back throughout the year and see how far i came. my word for this year the word that i will live by will be perseverance  i know these past years i haven't kept up with my crafting, i know im good at starting a project but i never finish it. i always find something better or something else i want to do. that why i have alot of craft junk that i refuse to part with because what if i need it later on. you never know when i might need some glitter hearts or some light blue cellophane. so with me starting project life i know i will have to talk about what i did that past week and its a project that i would want to keep up with because im not doing it everyday. im doing it every week  so this is my title page its a start and i love it, each week i will post what happened and show how i did my layout. so for 2013 lets do this!